Do you really know where your cloud data resides?

Sparkweave keeps your data secure
and private by using our integrated processes!

Our software cluster technology incorporates
AES encryption, byte-level deduplication and more...

Secure enterprise file and folder sharing
and encrypted email...

tablet, smartphone and desktop syncing
always keeps your shared information current!

Let us help design your Sparkweave platform deployment providing security for your business information.

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 Sparkweave provides a Secure Enterprise file sync and share platform.

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Our platform helps manage storage without sacrificing security, speed, or reliability.

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local support

Get unbeatable local support from Sparkweave’s worldwide VAR network.

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  • Application Suite

    Sparkweave provides a secure enterprise file/folder sync sharing and large file transfer solution.




    Sparkweave Apps
  • Redefining
    the private cloud

    Sparkweave’s intelligently designed platform redefines private cloud by offering the benefits of an enterprise-grade solution, with methods of deployment.



  • Data storage options

    Sparkweave’s super-secure file/folder sync sharing and large file transfer solution lets you choose from our Sparkweave certified solutions.


Quickly and easily deployed into your existing enterprise back-end, regardless of size, virtualization platform, or storage environment.