Sparkweave 30 Day Free Trial

Sparkweave is the only file/folder sync sharing and large file transfer software that gives you so many choices in how you store and share your files. You can even try it free so you’re able to fully evaluate Sparkweave before you buy. Simply fill out the form below to experience and start enjoying the benefits of:

Syncweave. Get secure enterprise file sharing and collaboration. Syncweave integrates with Sparkweave’s virtualized storage and streaming platform that is hardware agnostic, elastic, and is easily scaled on-premise with commodity data center gear or hosted with an IaaS Provider.

Fileweave. Securely send and receive files and documents of any size, without requiring any change business processes and workflows. Comply with data security and privacy laws. Replace FTP or other insecure homegrown file transfer solutions.

Mailweave®. Selectively send and receive secure email messages from within Microsoft Outlook or through a secure “web mail” interface that’s accessible from the Sparkweave secure web portal.


The 30-day free trial includes a license for 5 users.