Sparkweave Adds Messerli & Kramer to Client Roster

Law firm implements Sparkweave on-premise ultra-secure email and file sharing and syncing application to protect confidential information

MINNEAPOLIS (May 16, 2012) — One of today’s biggest challenges for organizations is protecting information from both internal and external threats. This is particularly acute when users share files. In order to protect its confidential information, Sparkweave today announced that Minneapolis-based Messerli & Kramer law firm has rolled out the Sparkweave’s enterprise secure file sharing and syncing applications.

“Large amounts of sensitive information are shared within law firm environments,” said Matthew Bloomquist, sales manager at Sparkweave. “Messerli & Kramer is smart to use secure collaboration tools to ensure that attorney-client communications remain confidential.”

The Sparkweave products being used by Messerli & Kramer include Mailweave (secure email), Fileweave (secure large file transfer) and Syncweave (file and folder syncing). All are on the Sparkweave private cloud platform hosted within the Messerli & Kramer data center.

“In addition to providing us with a secure way to collaborate and send and receive files of any size with our clients, the solution has potential to generate significant cost savings in storage with the built-in data reduction (de-duplication) and compression features,” said John W. Lang, president of Messerli & Kramer.

Messerli & Kramer consists of 10 practice areas in three unique – yet complementary – divisions, including banking and finance; corporate and general business law; real estate; business litigation; collections; divorce and family law; employment; estate planning; government relations; and intellectual property. Messerli & Kramer has more than 200 employees located in four offices:  Minneapolis, St. Paul and Plymouth, Minn.; and Glendale, Wis.


About Sparkweave (

Based in Minneapolis, Sparkweave is a rapidly growing software company born out of an early recognized need for an ultra-secure enterprise level on-premise or hosted file share and sync system that can take on and support highly collaborative operating environments.

In early 2012, Sparkweave was the first ever to offer a system that gives enterprises a choice of where the files are virtually stored and is agnostic when it comes to hypervisors and storage platforms. Its patent pending streaming platform encapsulates a number of common business processes, each of which can stand alone or work as a suite of integrated applications, and provides client side and remote device access to secure email, large file transport, and collaboration and sharing services.

Sparkweave sells exclusively through a worldwide network of value-added resellers and has customers in nearly every region of the globe, including North and South America, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. For more information, visit





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